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Siapakah Tokoh Proklamator RI dari Sumatera Barat?

Pemimpin perang melawan penjajah Belanda antara tahun 1825-1830 di Pulau Jawa adalah?

What does the woman express in this paragraph?

Man : So, how was your trip?

Woman : It was awful. The committee was not professional. I lost a bag but they didn’t do anything about it.

Man : That is bad. Well, at least the tour was great, wasn’t it?

Woman : No, it wasn’t. We just stayed at the hotel because it rained all day. They didn’t predict the weather. Boring!

Man : Let me guess. The hotel was terrible as well?

Woman : You bet!

What happened after the incident?

A train accident occurred in northern Italy. The train traveled at 180 mph when the first car on the train left the rails and separated from the train. It hit a nearby railroad building, killed two railway workers, and injured 27 people.

Police explained that there was some work on the railway the evening before; however, work on railways happens very often. Police have to investigate the accident because they do not know if the work caused the accident.

Rail workers’ unions will go on strike on Friday. They said that the accident was very serious and not acceptable.